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 Hiya! I’m Ally from Brighton.


My dream pet would be a wooly alpaca. I secretly salute magpies with the fear something bad will happen if I don’t. It’s a serious problem when driving through Brighton. I have curly hair and when I’m on holiday I look like Monica from Friends. ‘It’s the humidity!’

I love animals so of course I have a cat. A total nut case of a cat called Cleo. She once ate a meter of parcel string and needed emergency surgery! 

I love snowboarding but I’m not that good. I’ve been told I’m a little bit crazy but I prefer to call it “happy” and “fun”. I love going to the top of things. I count steps, I swim in the sea & lakes, I drink beer from the bottle, I love people watching, traveling and chatting to random people. I talk a lot and I’m a massive foodie, I adore Mexican Food & Margaritas. My favourite film is The Usual Suspect closely followed by Home Alone 1 & 2. 

After ditching the dream of living on Brighton seafront in an amazing apartment (too darn expensive), I bought a lovely little Victorian terrace with my other half Sean in Worthing right by the sea and we absolutely love it. Worthing’s where it’s at, people. 

Before I became a wedding photographer, I studied Film & Video Production in Ealing. London wasn’t for me so I moved back to Brighton to be back by the sea and set up my own little business. Before Uni I was cabin crew for Virgin Atlantic. It was the best job ever!  I served one of my all time heroes, Paul Weller on a flight once,  love the guy. I ended up walking alongside him out of the airport, he turned to shake my hand and say thanks. I then, for some reason I still can’t explain to this day, tried and do that finger slapping thing school kids do. I’ve never done that before so I just looked totally ridiculous. But I did get his autograph on a sick bag. Whoop!

I’ve been shooting weddings for five years and am absolutely loving it. I’m so passionate about my job and I adore meeting new people. My favourite moments are when people make hilarious facial expressions, or when the little people run about loving it all – I just love weddings, I think they’re ace! The party is the best bit – when people let their hair down. I also love the speeches – listening to all those people saying incredible things makes me so emotional I end up blubbering behind my camera.

The most important things for you (aside from the obvious, you know, getting actual married part) are having a good time, getting down to your favourite tunes and putting your creative stamp on the day. You want a wedding photographer who you’ll get on with as a friend, who will throw shapes with you on the dancefloor and who takes awesome photos.

If you’re planning a fun, creative wedding and like to have a good laugh, get in touch, I’d love to hear your plans!