Hiya! I’m Ally from Brighton.

My dream pet would be an alpaca. I secretly salute magpies with the fear something bad will happen if I don’t. It’s a serious problem when driving through Brighton. I have curly crazy hair and when I’m on holiday I look like Monica from Friends. I have a total nut case of a cat Cleo who hates everyone. She loves to give me a good swipe with her razor claws. She once ate a meter of parcel string and needed emergency surgery! Doh!

Check her out #cleothebestcatever

I love snowboarding but I’m not that good. I’ve been told I’m a little bit crazy but I prefer to call it “happy” and “fun”. I love going to the top of things.  I count steps, I swim in lakes, I love people watching, traveling and chatting to random people. I talk a lot.

After ditching the dream of living in a run down beach hut in Brighton (too expensive), I bought a Victorian terrace in Worthing right by the sea and I absolutely love it. Worthing’s where it’s at, people. 

Before I became a wedding photographer, I was cabin crew for Virgin Atlantic. I saw Paul Weller on a flight once, Freaking love the guy. I ended up walking alongside him out the airport, he turned to shake my hand and say thanks. I then, for some reason I still can’t explain to this day, tried and do that finger slapping thing school kids do. I’ve never done that before so I just looked totally ridiculous. But I did get his autograph on a sick bag. Win!

I’ve been shooting weddings for four years and am loving every minute. My favourite moments are when people make hilarious facial expressions, or when the little people run about loving it all – I just love weddings, I think they’re ace! The party is the best bit – when people let their hair down. I also love the speeches – listening to all those people saying incredible things makes me so emotional I end up blubbering behind my camera.

The most important things for you (aside from the obvious, you know, getting actual married part) are having a good time, getting down to your favourite tunes and putting your creative stamp on the day. You want a wedding photographer who you’ll get on with as a friend, who will throw shapes with you on the dancefloor and who takes awesome photos.

If you’re planning a fun, creative wedding and like to have a good laugh, get in touch, I’d love to hear your plans!